K.O.T. Publications

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K.O.T. Publications isn't so much a company or place of business as it is a small group of independent writers who just want their work out in the world. 

Based in Dallas, Tx, the writers of K.O.T. continue to write their stories and poems while still working their day jobs and taking care of family and spending time with friends and all the things that make life enjoyable.

We don't really sell books as a company.  The work on here is available for purchase online on sites such as Amazon, but the individual authors do often retain extra copies of their books, so if you want to contact an author directly, go to the contact page to find out how.
And don't forget if you want an autograph, include your name or the name of the person you're getting the book for.
All authors are responsible for their own book promotion, distribution, editing, etc.  
As stated, we are not a company.  Just a group of indie authors who love to write and feel the need for a logo on the back of their book.

If an author wants to have their book with the K.O.T. logo, then they must contact us and we'll discuss it.  As long as that author is in good graces with K.O.T. Publications they may continue to use the logo.

If any author acts in a way unbecoming and is removed from the fold, they must unpublish their book, remove the logo, and then they may republish. 

The only real unbecoming actions are blatant racist, sexist, or otherwise derogatory remarks (especially political or religious) that will reflect badly upon K.O.T. Publications.  Basically, you can be a jerk, just don't be a racist/sexist jerk or one of those politics/religion obsessed jerks who spends all their time talking about how those who disagree with their personal beliefs are fools and everything wrong with America.  . 

Remember....freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom of consequences